Empower Your Employees with Religious Sensitivity Training on Islam!
Project’s goals and desired outcomes:
Reduce the overall correctional cost to taxpayers by reducing crime and recidivism rate through education and community collaboration.
Collaboration with law enforcement and correctional community.
Help resolve issues at the first level, thus avoiding legal and court costs. Religious Sensitivity Training on Islam
We will customize the training course to fit the needs of your staff.
We will come to your facility & deliver the training in a four (4) hour class.
From our experience with Virginia Department of Corrections, a four (4) hour class seems to be the most cost effective and practical from the operational point of view for prisons and jails.
For Price & Other Details, Write or Call Us Today!
Here are some of the Questions asked by VADOC staff during recent training sessions:
What is and is not covered in Juma’a (Friday) Sermon?
What times of the day should the Muslim inmates be allowed to pray?
What is the Imam’s authority over other Muslims?
Do Muslims have to stop work to pray?
What different sects make up Muslim Belief?
How does the Muslim community function?
Who are leaders, functions & title of each person?
What is Jihad?
When is it required for Muslim inmates to wear the Kufi?
Why do the Nation of Islam and other Muslim inmates have to have separate Juma’a Services?
Are the Military Drills/Security a part of Muslim religious rituals?
Is Louis Farrakhan a leader of all Muslims?
Is prayer rug necessary for a Muslim prayer?
Why Muslims do not eat pork?
Is Ramadan fasting compulsory for all Muslims?
Here are some of the comments by the DOC Security Staff personnel who attended
our training classes:
Many questions and concerns were cleared up. We need this program in our “Basic Skills” class.
I came to the class with a closed mind, thinking it would be a forced perspective. I was wrong. The openness and explanations were very helpful and can help us all in dealing with Muslim inmates.
Helped me to understand Islam. The program was good. The speakers were well prepared.
Now I know the meaning of some Arabic words that Muslim inmates use. I will not be offended.
We need Muslim volunteers to visit this institution on regular basis.
Learning about Muslim Beliefs was what I liked the most, would like to see more staff receive this training.
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Muslim Chaplain Services of Virginia (MCSVA), a faith-based 501 (C) (3) non-Profit organization.
MCSVA is dedicated to meeting the faith needs of incarcerated Muslims and upon their release help them transition to free society.

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